Knee Replacement

Knee Replacement

Knee Replacement

Knee Replacement Surgery has evolved in last two decades as a surgery which adds a quality life in patient’s latter years of the life and makes it more enjoyable, independent and a self - respecting one. Before development of this surgery many people who were suffering from advanced arthritis of knee joints were spending their later years of their life in the bed with many difficulties and grief. Because of this magnificent marvel of modern medical science now patients how much bad and deformed their knee would be can expect and really get a quality of life they were aspiring to have in the retiring years of the life.

When you need Knee Replacement ?

  • People can have their knees in painful and deformed state, which can be as a result of Age Related Friction, Past Trauma Involving Knee Joint, metabolic diseases Like gout, immunological diseases like rheumatoid arthritis or some medical condition like Obesity (Over Weight), Hypothyroidism, Diabetes etc.
  • If this problems are in their early stage we can always consider some conservative options like Weight Reduction, Medications, Supplements, Life Style Modifications and Physiotherapy to Treat Them.
  • But once in advance stage where the involved joint cartilage and bone surfaces are in state of extreme destruction and beyond repair, we have to choose the option of replacing them with the artificially made joint surfaces which is called Knee Replacement.

What is Knee Replacement ?

  • Knee Replacement is the process by which surgeon changes damaged and deformed surfaces of the bones which rub together when joint moves and are the main cause of pain in arthritic knee joint. Modern knee replacement is a very less invasive surgery.
  • There is a fear in laymen's mind that my whole knee joint will be cut and would be replaced by artificial joint. No. it’s not so, only the damaged bone surfaces are cut in form of thin slices and replaced with the Artificial Smooth, Durable and Very Supple Joint Surfaces.

Knee Replacement Counselling

  • Each and every patient at Anusha Hospital is thoroughly evaluated for the alternative options available before taking decision for Joint Replacement.
  • Measures like medications, physiotherapy, weight reduction and disease modified drugs are begun with.
  • Alternative measures like Arthroscopic Joint Debridement, correction of axis by High tibial osteotomy, preserving the natural joint are also first considered.
  • After thorough evaluation and ruling out all the other options, patient is advised Joint Replacement.